Creative Movement
Weekly Creative Movement classes offer our children a unique opportunity to combine body, listening and social skills in a fun and active setting. Led by a specially trained Creative Movement teacher, classes focus on body identification, timing, listening, and responding to rhythms.

Creative Movement engages the children’s developing physical skills such as: gross motor, locomotion, language, motor planning, following instructions, spatial-orientation, balance, visual motor, cognitive, balance, rhythm and timing. Two year old classes attend Creative Movement during the Second Semester.

Music Education

To supplement daily activities, 3, 4 and 5 year old classes have a weekly session with a specially trained Music teacher.

The Music Education program offers our children a first exposure to critical thinking through the arts.  Students are introduced to music by listening to all genres of music, exploring beats and rhythm, learning about historical and modern day composers, as well as hands-on learning through instruments and movement.  Children are welcomed to the joys of music and take first steps toward lifelong, active, music participation.

Chapel Program
The Four-year-old classes participate in a brief, monthly chapel time.  Like all programs offered by the Nursery School, this chapel time is respectful and mindful of differences in religious traditions so as not to make any student uncomfortable or exclude any children from participation.

The church’s renovated chapel – above the Nursery School classrooms – lends itself particularly well to small group storytelling and song. It’s a wonderful space where we can walk more slowly and speak more softly because someone might be talking to or listening for God.