"When I stepped into my child's classroom on his first day at Shadyside, I realized that a need was being filled that I didn't even know I had. Suddenly, I felt like I wasn't alone in this parenting thing, that these two teachers, and in fact, the whole school, was participating in raising and growing my child, working toward what is best for him, as well as all the other kids in his class, as citizens of this world. I send my boys to Shadyside because I know that they will be loved, and be free to play and be themselves." – Jennifer Frayer­-Griggs

"When my first child entered the preschool age, I had very specific goals when narrowing down my options. I wanted my children to feel loved by their teachers, accepted by their peers, and have a positive first school experience. I felt like their first exposure is what would stay with them throughout their education. This happened for me at SPCNS. My goals were not only met, but exceeded. I have had the privilege of experiencing each age group at SPCNS, and found that each step of the way is filled with play, laughter, engagement, and positive happy learning and growing. Not only have my kids made great friends at SPCNS, but we the parents have too! It has been a wonderful experience for our family." – Jen Cochran

"We feel blessed that our children have the opportunity to enjoy such a wonderful nursery school experience during their formative years. The talented teachers and staff at SPCNS provide a caring, nurturing environment and use fun, imaginative ways to create developmentally appropriate educational experiences. Beyond the classrooms, the community of families at SPCNS is welcoming and involved, leading to new friendships for our children and ourselves." – Matt and Becky Smith

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